We create images.

Large- or small-scale, static or in motion.
We focus our creativity on food, people, lifestyle, sports and corporate. We are creative minds from the media world, and we pay attention to every detail, from the inquiry to the finished visual and all points in between.
From Rosenheim, Hamburg, and Berlin – for the whole world.

Photographers | Portfolios | Campaigns

Immersed in the work, everyone has lost track of time. For hours, the studio has been a buzz of activity; the bustle of the production has everyone on their toes and constantly moving. The photographer alone is a sea of calm, surrounded by a team that knows exactly how to get the job done, despite the pressure. Countless cables, perfectly composed, snake across the white floor, reaching out to the lights like lifelines. The computer monitor shows an image: the campaign of tomorrow.

KME Studios | Photo and Film Production

It’s before sunrise, and uncomfortably cold – the thermometer shows a number well below freezing. The canopy of stars overhead clings stubbornly to the last minutes of darkness. Soon the night will pass the baton to the morning. The impending transition between night and day, a tiny window for magical light, is over nearly as soon as it has begun. The whole team is prepared – ignoring the cold, poised and ready to seize this fleeting moment. The photographer, assistants, the models, and the film crew are a small sea of colorful winter jackets lit by the glow of headlights. 2,000 meters above sea level, the transition of light in the sky as the sun rises is striking: from black to a dark purple bruise, then to deep red, then to pink. The excitement is palpable – any second now, someone will call ›action‹.

Visual. Feeling. – best made by KME Studios