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We create images.

Large, small, still and moving.
Our focus is on food, sports, people and lifestyle. We are creative minds from the media world and we pay attention to every detail, from the inquiry to the finished visual. From Rosenheim, Hamburg or Berlin – for the whole world.

KME Studios | Photo and Film Production

It is pretty early. And much, much colder. The thermometer shows a number far below zero degrees. The sun hasn’t risen yet and there is a canopy of stars. Soon the night will hand over the baton to the morning. The transition between night and day, a window for magical moments of light, is often over far too soon. That’s why everyone is prepared – ready and dressed in their warmest outdoor outfits. The photographer, the best boy, the models and the film crew. Colourful winter jackets lit by the glow of headlamps. We are above 2,000m altitude. The sky turns from black to grey. From grey to pink. It’s going to be exciting, soon someone will call “action”.

Visual. Feeling. – best made by KME Studios

Photographers | Portfolios | Campaigns

Nobody knows the exact time. For hours it’s been a continual coming and going. Everyone is moving, everyone is in a state of flow. Only the photographer is a haven of tranquility. Yet, everyone knows what to do. The white floor is covered with cables. Like lifelines, they spread out to the lights. They are perfectly composed and arranged. On the screen, you can see a in little what will soon be a poster. The campaign of tomorrow.