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Klaus Einwanger
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Gerber whets your appetite with both food and advertising

Glowing pieces of coal, creamy grilled cheese and a summer barbecue evening - the advertising spot by Gerber, THE specialist for fondue cheese, needed just a few elements to bring that barbecue feeling to life. Gerber had launched a grilled cheese that is grilled on a barbecue rack just like a steak. This barbecue setting was exactly what the TVC focused on. With barbecue crazy KME Studios, agency Ogilvy Switzerland had brought some real experts to the grill and behind the camera. For two days we were busy shooting and taking photos, in our studio and outdoors, barbecuing and tampering with large cutlery. Klaus Einwanger took on not just one but two roles in this project. He excelled behind the camera and as a table top director alike. The result: a short and crisp spot that makes you want to have a barbecue right now!

Gerber: Melange Maison

- Credits -

Client: Gerber
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Zürich