The Color Checker .

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The Color Checker - CC

Yes, there is a CC in photography too, not just in emails.

A brilliant gadget, this Color Checker. Because in the end, everything on the pictures is supposed look like the real thing. So the CC - or color checker - is used right at the beginning of a shoot. Immediately after the light setup, it is part of the very first shot.

Why’s that?
It makes color adjustments fairly easy, as well as the authentic and accurate rendering of the scene. Color management starts with the camera settings and remains important during the entire process, from photography to image processing to printing.

Did you know?
The largest possible color space is that of the human eye. But - there is no device in the world that can display this color space. The CIE (Commission international de l'éclairage) therefore defined the color space in 1931, by determining it from the relation between human color space perception and its physical causes, the color stimulus.

Common color spaces are: sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto RGB and CMYK.

Bottom line: Always bring your Color Checker and use it!