Winner of the LACP Award Gold.

From above. 10 days, 5 countries. Every 48 hours we walked on foreign ground. In February 2020 - before the outbreak of Covid-19 - we traveled throughout Europe for the annual report of Wienerberger AG in Austria, which won several LACP Awards, on behalf of Brainds advertising agency. Pure road tripping!

Our team: small, agile and packed to the brim with drones, remote controls, batteries and other technology gadgets. For us, a really different kind of production. For our producer, too. The number of different locations, extremely high. The photo and film production focused on assembly lines, business premises, employees, warehouses, coastal sections and workfields. The schedule, extremely tight. The fun factor, huge.

At this year's LACP Awards ceremony, Wienerberger AG again received several awards for its annual report: Gold, Worldwide Top 100, EMEA No. 8 and Worldwide Special Achievement Award "Creatives".

The result: WOW!

Customer: Wienerberger
Agency: Brainds
Art Director: Christian Binder
Projekt Coordination: Barbara Hamza

Production: Christina Kaffl, KME Studios
Director: Klaus Einwanger, KME Studios
Photographer: Klaus Einwanger, KME Studios
Drone Pilot: Samuel Grotmann, KME Studios
Assistant: Adam Vinzenz, KME Studios