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Liebherr. Sustainability

Fresh Food Technology by Liebherr

How much food do we throw away? Far too much, I think we can agree on that.
For our new customer Liebherr Hausgeräte and their fresh food technologies we created visual content about the benefits of BioFresh and DuoCooling for this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin. Produce like fresh from the farmers‘ market. Liebherr fresh food technology will keep your groceries much longer fresh than any other domestic cooling system. Liebherr’s fresh food technologies are their contribution to avoiding food waste and this is also the key message of the visual content. Idea, concept and realization by KME Studios. Shooting and time-lapse photography were done in our Rosenheim studios.
This was our first small collaboration with Liebherr Hausgeräte and hopefully the beginning of a great long-term partnership.

- Credits -

Client: Liebherr Hausgeräte
Production: KME Studios