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The Core Essence. Moment

Every job involves office work. We sit in front of screens, type as fast as we can, go on from phone call to phone call, from e-mail to e-mail, from appointment to appointment. We live by our schedule without a chance of a break.


The narrowness suggested by the bars in the film represents the constriction of the creative mind. We're limited to what we see and experience in our day-to-day lives, so if we want to get creative, we'll have to draw inspiration from coffee makers, keyboards, and ticking clocks. The human being, caught in an artificially created environment, has few points of contact with nature. You try to break free.


But there is a way out. The job of a photographer is more than just that. More than "just office work". Because suddenly there are no more bars. Suddenly the whole picture is filled again and we see vastness. We take a deep breath. We feel more free, less constrained, we feel that there is more to life than the microcosm behind our desks.


This job will let you experience completely different moments. Moments that are magical in their uniqueness and thus are so much more important to us. Perspectives that remain hidden from others. Regardless of whether you had to get up at three in the morning and got behind the wheel, dog-tired, to get to the location.


What is shown is not the moment of recording, but the moment in between. The moment we stop and take in the scenery. Let it affect us. The moment that is not captured by a photo, but in our minds. The moment that will live forever and will be recalled later through the photos. We don't see when the camera's shutter is released, yet when we see the photographer's eye we know the moment is captured. Whatever the photographer sees at that moment - an image hidden from the viewer - that moment will live on in his mind. Not only what we see is captured in this moment, but we perceive this moment in all its depth. The feeling of fresh morning air filling your lungs. The smell of morning dew on fresh wood. The sound of crickets chirping in the distance. Pausing and perceiving is a source of inspiration. It's about the human factor and the appreciation for aesthetics, for moments that warm our hearts, for moments that inspire us with their beauty, that make us feel alive. Fine morning mist entangling in fir trees. Forests from perspectives that remain hidden from the human eye. Monumental mountain panoramas, with clouds creeping through the peaks and a lake nestled at their foot.
Turquoise water making gentle waves.

Moments that show you the beauty of life.
Moments that happen in between.
Moments that make us feel.


And what does Goethe has to do with it?

"Then the past is kept alive"
Photography is a magical medium that evokes memories in our minds. When they are of emotional significance to us, they often serve as reminders of feelings we've felt in the past.

"the future alive ahead,"
"The future" in this case does not mean that the future is also revealed to you. Instead, it means the certainty that there will always be such moments. There will always be moments like this that make you pause for a moment to take in the scenery.

"the moment is eternity."
As mentioned earlier, by perceiving this moment in all its depth, the moment is eternity. The photograph that emerges in the next moment (and is deliberately not shown in this short film) serves more as a reminder than as a manifesto of this moment. In one‘s mind, this moment is eternity, with all the feelings and sensations that go with it.