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Klaus Einwanger
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Panasonic combines food technology and fun in video concept

Want to know how to present a bread maker in a modern way and with the right “Look and Feel”? Watch the advertising film Panasonic used to present their new bread maker “Croustina” to an international audience at the IFA industrial fair. To present their product on the European market, Panasonic Europe hired agency Shanghai.Berlin. KME Studios got to shoot the “Croustina” product films as well as the key visuals and campaign imagery together with Panasonic Europe and Shanghai.Berlin. Photo and film shoots were done at the same time on three sets in Rosenheim. In the end we had a product film that was characterized by quick cuts, several separate areas of action and flowing movements, but also by bright colors and a warm atmosphere. The commercial perfectly conveys the symbiosis of innovative technology and the fun of baking with friends and family. Klaus Einwanger was responsible for direction and photography.


Panasonic: Croustina

- Credits -

Client: Panasonic Europe
Agency: Shanghai.Berlin
Photographer & Director: Klaus Einwanger