Photo & Film Production

  • Production Photography & Motion Post

The actual shot takes less than a second. Chop chop! The photographer waits for the right moment, presses the release, the shutter opens and makes way for the light – the motif is captured. Forever? Maybe!
But the real artform is the process that happens before and after this moment. We compare it to a great symphony, orchestrated by the photographer. Light, models, setting, everything waits for this one moment. Before that, uncountable meetings, phone calls, emails, a cost estimate, contracts, permissions, all the logistics. All the small print that nobody wants to read, not even on this website. Afterwards the post-production. Everything comes to a crescendo in this perfect moment, in which time seemingly stands still on the picture.

But we can do other things as well: film. And one thing is for sure – there’s no standing still anymore. Everything is moving and this is like playing a completely different kind of tune. As a full service foto and film production house, we rock everything to do with pictures, still or moving, loud and quiet – and action!