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The shot itself takes only a fraction of a second. Chop chop! The photographer recognizes the perfect moment, releases the shutter, and the sensor is touched by light. The image is captured – forever frozen in time.
Just as vital is the process surrounding this moment, a process that is itself a work of art. A symphonic undertaking, orchestrated by the photographer. Lighting, models, props, set – everything synced, waiting for this one precious blink of an eye. Before that: countless meetings, phone calls, emails, budget negotiations, contracts, permissions, logistics. All the small print, every tiny detail, invisible to most but vital to success. After the shoot comes the post-production, polishing the creative output to perfection. All the planning reaches its crescendo in the finished image.

But when the moments are strung together and the images are in motion, you will find another area in which we excel: film. And now the volume is up, the energy is high, and the band is playing a completely different tune – there’s no standing around now! As a full-service photo and film production house, we rock everything to do with pictures: static or moving, silent or booming, subtle, or over-the-top… And ›action‹!