About Meike


Deep-red strawberries on a saturated pink background, a steaming bowl of ramen on top of fine Japanese-patterned paper bought firsthand in Tokyo, or mouthwatering quesadillas topped with finely-chopped cilantro – Meike’s photos look literally good enough to eat. The influence of her time in Texas as a teenager and her 20s in Los Angeles is evident in her vivid and colorful images. She studied photography at Santa Monica College, at the same time working under some of the finest commercial photographers in LA, before a chance meeting with a Michelin Star chef plunged her headfirst into the world of food photography. Immersed in warm light and stark shadows, her work is both welcoming and challenging, inspiring the viewer to head into the kitchen to recreate the recipes for themselves. Each picture a work of art. it’s no surprise that her work has graced countless magazine and book covers. She lives in central Berlin with her family, just around the corner from her beautiful, sunlit studio.