Photo Production

Everything begins with an idea: An image in the mind’s eye. That’s where we come in. Briefings in hand, we come up with a detailed production flow plan that will allow us to turn the idea into a concrete picture. KME Studios works nationally and internationally, and handles everything from production management to cost management, contracts, pre-casting, location scouting, permissions and licenses, the development of a ‘look’, styling, makeup, logistics, set-design, set-building, catering, data management, post production and certified proofs.


Film Production

Moving images require a solid foundation. This foundation includes everything from a great concept to direction, pre-casting, styling, makeup, ogistics, set-design, set-building, catering and permissions to film. Each project is individually managed and is assigned a specific point person. We arrange everything from creative tasks to the assembly of teams, data and production management and post-production in-house. In short, we take care of everything involved: from the first inkling of an idea to way after the wrap.