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Klaus Einwanger
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Subway – The Process Of Creating A New Visual Appearance

Subway stands for fresh and custom-made sandwich creations This is why the growing brand relies on using only ingredients of highest quality. Speaking of high-level, this also applies to the food expertise of KME Studios. We stand for Visual Feeling! In Rosenheim near Munich, Hamburg and in Berlin. „Let’s do something really cool!“. That’s what Subway DACH Marketing Director Lothar Keppler said to food photographer Klaus Einwanger in 2018. The rest is history. For more than 2 years we and our network have now been working for Subway DACH. Most of the time at our Rosenheim Studios or on location. The agencies and our work play a major role in the change of Subway’s visual appearance: We did the product photography, people shots for their employer branding strategy, social media content and TV commercials during the previous two years. Progressive, fast, loud and delicious. Brand-new and just launched online at the beginning of March 2020: The Subway Experiment. The campaign focuses on Subway’s customiziation approach. Employees of Subway restaurants create custom-made sandwiches for their customers, based on their unique personality traits. The collaboration of KME Studios, Subway DACH and the agencies Ressourcenmangel in Hamburg & P8 is highly creative and vivid. The whole team is successfully working on the relaunch of the Subway brand, which, as Lothar Keppler says, is really gaining momentum now. We are looking so much forward to the upcoming productions and the progress of the rebranding!


Subway: Mex it up

- Credits Foto & Film -

Agency: ressourcenmangel
Photographer & Director: Klaus Einwanger
Production: KME Studios

Subway: Meet and Eat Teaser

- Credits Film -

Client: Subway DACH
Agency: ressourcenmangel, Hamburg
Director: Christoph Baumann
DoP: Martin Niklas
Production: KME Studios