#visualfeeling. Magazine 04

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The new KME Studios Magazine.

Our current #visualfeeling magazine is different. Not only freshly printed images of the latest productions, no, also a smart folding technique resulting in a bigger picture. Update? More like an upgrade! We admit, we're proud as punch of #visualfeeling 04.
Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of KME Studios? Food, people, lifestyle, sports and more, created by our four photographers Meike, Klaus, Roman and Stip. We had the opportunity to ask them some exciting questions and received some unexpected answers. We won't tell any more, have a look by yourself!

#visualfeeling - best created by KME Studios

- Credits -

Photographers: Klaus Einwanger, Sebastian Stiphout, Meike Bergmann, Roman Koenigshofer
Concept: Stefanie Heinold, KME Studios
Design: Christian Grundl
Print: Druckerei Vogl